WordPress Layout Tweaks That Could Boost Your Site’s Earning Potential

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Today we continue our series on making WordPress better.  In our previous two posts we reviewed:

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress SEO Optimization

In this post I think its would be a good time to talk about…

WordPress Layout

Although content is extremely important for the success of your website, the WordPress layout also plays a key role in how much you can earn from your blog. After all, if you don’t lay it out correctly, your visitors aren’t going to stick around to read what you have to say! Here are a few ways in which you can improve your layout to boost the earning potential of your website.

Google Adsense Tips

Do you use Google Adsense on your website?  Then make sure you read the Google tips for maximizing returns with the layout of your ads. This is important for boosting commissions as well as ensuring you don’t break any rules (for example, you should never trick your users into thinking the ads are menus).

Here are some tips to boost ad clicks the legal way:

  • Use the large size square ads,
  • Place ads at the very top of your posts,
  • Use complementary color schemes to match your site’s design,
  • Use plugins such as “WhyDoWork Adsense” to make it easier to insert your ads.

“Above The Fold”

“Above the fold” was a term originally used in newspapers, about content going on the top half of the page, above where the paper would be folded over, so that more people would notice it. The same applies to websites, except that the fold is now the point at which the user has to scroll down to view more content.

This means that you should always put your most important elements “above the fold” in your WordPress layout. Things like ad blocks, opt in forms and so on – whatever you want visitors to notice right away.

If It’s Important, Put It On Every Page

This is another tip related to those things you want visitors to really notice, such as newsletter sign up forms. The good news is that WordPress makes it easy to put things on every page – just place it in the sidebar to make sure you get as many eyes on that element as possible.

Keep Things Simple

Sometimes, webmasters opt for complicated designs because they think they look better. This may be true, but making things overly-complex isn’t going to help your visitor experience. Instead, keep things as simple as possible.

If you have ads, you’ll probably find that fewer ads convert better than ads all over the place. With Adsense, for example, research shows that people command higher costs per click when they have fewer ad blocks on the one page. Make sure you bear this in mind when designing your WordPress layout.

The Basic Elements Of A Website

Last, but by no means least, you want to make sure that you have all the basic elements of a website. You can choose between a huge number of WordPress themes, but make sure the one you choose has the following features:

  • A link back to the homepage from every page of the site,
  • A top menu for navigating every page of the site,
  • A search form to help users find what they want,
  • Defined sections that show where the content begins and the navigation menu ends.

The best thing about creating the perfect WordPress layout is that most blog themes already have what you need. If they don’t, consider using a different theme instead.

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