Writing a Resource Box – How to Get Thousands of Clicks with This Simple Change

Get Funky with your Resource Box

Creating a good resource box is probably one of the most challenging parts to article marketing. The sad part that I see every day is how many people get this step wrong. I’ve put together a list of do’s and dont’s that everyone should be using when creating a resource box. Depending on what your goal is with your article will depend on the type of resource box you use.

The goal of the resource box

I’m not going to go into the typical talk about what a resource box is. But what i want to point out is that your resource box has ONLY ONE goal and that’s to get people to click the links within it.

Promoting Yourself

If you want to build a brand for yourself and your name and want to promote yourself as an Author or writer the your resource box will look like most resources boxes out there.

John Smith has been an expect widget builder for over 50 years, is a professor of Cogs and Gadgets at Widget University and is the founder of PerfectWIdgets.com, a site dedicated to providing top quality widgets at affordable prices.

Now most internet markets should NOT being writing resource boxes like the one above. They are boring and unless your are wanting to promote yourself as a expert in your field that stay away from this type of resource box.

Promoting a Product

Most internet marketers and those who are using article marketing to drive traffic to their products or website should create resource boxes in a complete different style.  The main goal is to talk about the product, the problem the problem solves, and how the link included will help the reader with that problem.

A good resource box will provoke an emotional response and instill a desire in the reader to click the link in the article.

If your tired of getting laughed at because of your acne problem, even if you’ve tried every product out there, try my #1 recommend way to clear up your acne once and for all. Stop the embarrassment and clear up your skin by Clicking Here”

Notice how much more exciting and dramatic the resource box above is?  It is effective and works every time no matter what your niche is or what your product is.

Keys to Writing Your Resource Box

Remember if your promoting a product keep these things in mind:

  • No one care about you or your background (sorry, sad but true)
  • The reader has a problem and needs it solves (and you have the answer)
  • Your product will help the reader (get them to click your link)

If you’ve been doing article marketing for a while and used EzineArticles at all, find out how effective your resource boxes are.  Login to your account on Ezine and click on Author Tools, then View My Article Reports.  You can see the click rate of all of your articles.  Articles with the higher click rate have a more effective resource box.

Some of my best resource boxes get click rates as high as 58%.  However the average seems to be around %20.   I’m curious to know your click rate is!  What kind of click rates do you get on your resource boxes?   Let us know in the comments below!

Follow the above guide lines when creating your resource box you will see more click through and have higher conversion rate than ever before.

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